Relay Chain - Introduction


August 2, 2021 - Relay Chain goes live so save the date!

Relay Chain Introduction

White Paper

Relay Chain - Boomer Paper

What is RELAY?

Bridging as a Service - Relay Chain is the secure way to DeFi

RELAY is a multi cross-chain platform developed to bring BaaS (Bridging as a Service) to help the often fragmented DeFi liquidity space. What is really unique to our bridge is that when a new ecosystem is created, our bridge connects that asset and ecosystem to all the other ones we support. At launch we currently support bridging to Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon (Matic), and Heco — with more coming soon. Relay's bridges were first to introduce the bridge gas token faucet to Defi where the bridge itself airdrops the native gas token to new users to reduce friction for people starting out on new chains.

We have built many products during our tenor in DLT but during the last 6 months and after completing the first brdige to Avalanche we realized that safe and secure briding will be a corner stone of DeFi and we dropped everything to bring this reality to our users. Relay Chain is ZERO reimagined. Zero started off as a DEX but the DEX space is extremely crowded. We ultimately honed in on the aspect we do the absolute best. BRIDGING. So with RELAY we become the Bridge that connects DeFi — with an extremely unique tokenomics model that rewards LPs with gas token rewards (ETH, MATIC, BNB, HT, and AVAX) which we are coining the Gas Token Index but the bridge collects fees and rewards those fees to those providing liquidity. A portion of the fees also goes to buying back and burning the RELAY token making it deflationary

Mission Statement

Our goal at Relay Chain is simple, "Have the best and safest bridge". We will provide value to our token holders by giving them native gas tokens for providing liquidity instead of our native project token (RELAY). By doing this we eliminate all sell pressure to Relay and we can give the highest APY's to Relay Liquidity Providers. This allows us to have a token that provides value, and it's deflationary (via buyback and burns) which is doing with a portion of the gas token profits from bridge transactional volume. The brings the positive feedback loops and true ecosystem synergy into the Relay Chain ecosystem where all partners provide utility to the end users of our platform.



Total Supply: 10,000,000 $RELAY

Zero to Relay Swap Ratio: 100:1

  1. Advisors — 4% — tokens are fully locked, if an advisor is signed, they received 10% of their tokens after 30 days, 15% after 60 days, and the remaining 25% each quarter thereafter.
  2. IDO — 2.5% — Initial DEX Offering, helps enable us to bootstrap liquidity on the initial RELAY pools. Vested over 4 days. 20% on TGE and 20% daily.
  3. Legacy Zero Holders — 1% — Snapshots already taken. Weighted based on current ZERO holdings. Linearly vests each day for 6 months. Fully vested 12/2021
  4. Network Growth Fund — 25% — Linearly vests each day for 2 years. Helps incentivize developers and partners to build on/with RELAY. Fully vested 6/2023.
  5. Community Incentives — 15% — As needed (for liquidity mining for example) — 24 hour timeclock to withdraw any funds from the incentives contract. The community will be notified of the withdraw and an event will be broadcast on blockchain.
  6. Team — 10% — 6 month cliff. Linearly vests each day for 1 year each day after the expiration of the 6 month cliff. Fully vested 12/2022.
  7. Marketing — 7.5% — Linearly vests each day for 2 years. Fully vested 6/2023

Supported chains

  • Currently:

    • Ethereum
    • Avalanche
    • BSC
    • Polygon (Matic)
    • Heco
  • Done (waiting for the parachains to go live):

    • Moonbeam (Kusama)
    • DOT
  • In Development:

    • Cosmos
    • Fantom
    • Solana

Tokens can be cross-chained from any of these chains to the others.
Based on the number of chains supported, there are 20 possible bridges between chains today with a possibility to grow to over 100 in the near future.

Baas (Bridging as a Service)

Building a bulletproof multi-chain BaaS

Bridging as a Service, any project can use our bridge to go cross chain, any project or platform that wants to connect their ecosystem to another EVM blockchain can do so, all natively to their app and with the same look and feel for users to feel familiar. Our first integration partner will be coming very soon with QuickSwap as they will be whitelabeling our bridge natively on their app we will start by connecting them from Polygon to Avalanche. We are also the only bridging service in the space to have not 1 but three audits

Gas Token Index

That refers to our unique rewards for liquidity providers, we pay out in native gas tokens (gas token index). Said another way if you provide RELAY/AVAX liquidity, you get paid in native AVAX, if you provide liquidity for RELAY/MATIC you'll get native Matic as rewards. This is not done by anyone else in the space and it provides incredible value to our token holders. It eliminates sell pressure and rewards in tokens that are highly liquid and ultimately gives the token holder a ton of choice. They can hold the gas token as an investment, they can sell to stable coin, they can use to buy other alt tokens, it really puts the power into the hands of the person with the keys and this is exactly what we want. There is an incredible value add here and further differentiation from other projects that emit rewards in the project token. So that's the value of the "Gas Token Index" to the Relay Chain hodlers.

The GTI (Gas Token Index) rewards, is an incredibly simple, elegant, and market agnostic platform (bull, bear, and anything in between). People will still use our bridge to arb assets, that creates volume, gas token fees, and value back to our token holders/liquidity providers). Many other projects are only as successful as the overall market allows. Relay should do well in any market. Again, this is the simple, elegant utility that will bring to DeFi.

Insurance for Liquidity Pools

The secure way to DeFi

By working with our industry partner and public relayer Bridge Mutual we are able to offer users of our platform the ability to take out insurance policies against their liquidity. For example you wanted to add $25,000 of liquidity to one of our LP's for the duration of a 6 months you could go to our insurance partner Bridge Mutual and purchase a policy that offers 6 months of coverage for your $25,000. During the initial liquidity launch of Bridge Mutual our community formed team recently WON the BMI liquidity event with over $2M committed.

Contract Audits

To date the Relay Chain contracts have been or are undergoing audits from the following partners:

*Consensys Diligence*
*Halborn* (being currently completed)

This will bring the total number of completed audits to 3 and the strength of the Relay Chain BaaS platform continues to grow at a pace that is leaving other bridging platforms behind.


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